Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Normal Green Heights

This past weekend our walk mowers were placed back to their normal height.  Yes, its going to get pretty hot for the next 5-7 days but the overall health of the turf is excellent right now and it should be able to withstand the heat mother nature will be bringing to us.

Long range tee closed August 19-21 for renovation work

The long range tee will be closed from Tuesday August 19 thru Thursday August 21 for tilling, laser leveling and grassing.  It will be opened briefly for the Senior Amateur Qualifying Tournament which will be here on Thursday.  We appreciate your understanding during this process.  We will reopen the mats once the grass has been laid and watered in completely.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fairway bermuda eradication spray

Just sprayed about 10-11 acres of Bermuda eradication spray earlier in the week.  I sprayed 4 acres during the first few years, 8 last fall and have increased again this season.   The longer I delay the spray, the bigger foothold the Bermuda will have and the greater potential for winter kill we could face like this past spring.   I'm just seeing some of the patches begin to turn a little off color.  By middle of next week you should see most of the patches and full areas that I sprayed.  There are some areas that have less and other areas that have more Bermuda since last season.  We will sod a couple of pallets of sod where necessary and will allow the rest to come back in time for the Echofest the 2nd week of September.  I will then spray again to set more of the Bermuda back going into winter.  I sprayed a slightly lighter rate than in the past in an effort to reduce the negative effects on the zoysia since it is growing nicely right now.

The fairways that have been in the program the longest are 4,7,8, and 13.  They were sprayed in the fall of 2009 for the first time.  Four has some larger patches that are making a comeback and these could be prime candidates for sod work but overall, the amount of Bermuda in the fairways listed above is less than the others with the exception of 200 yards to the green on #7 which I only began to spray last season.

There are some low drainage areas and other spots which will probably never be sprayed because of zoysia's inability to grow in these areas.  David Stone, long time superintendent from the Honors Club in Tennessee told me a couple of times during our discussions about Bermuda removal that sometimes even though we might not like it, Bermuda is the best turf for that area or situation.

I did also spray a few tees that I thought would be less negatively effected.  I will give you a more detailed report next week when the areas become more visible.

Long Range Tee Update

I don't normally shut ranges down on weekends but my contractor who is going to till the range tee and laser leveling it is available tomorrow morning, Saturday August 16th to do the work.  We plan on closing the tee once he arrives at around 9:30-10 a.m.  If I delayed his work until Tuesday or Wednesday which we originally planned, we would not be able to sod until at least August 26th due to end of the week preparations and other scheduled outings.  This would reduce our prime growing time by 8-10 days.

If the weather holds off next week, we plan to lay sod on Tuesday and Wednesday which would then give us almost two months of growing before frost sets in and places the turf in dormancy.  The  short range tee will be available for warming up before your round once the tee is closed.  We appreciate your understanding during this process.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Weather stats for July

Weather stats for July are interesting.  Daytime temperature between 2013 and 2014 were only seperated by 2/10 of a degree at 86 degrees.  We were almost 3 degrees below normal for the daylight hours.  The big difference was the night temperatures which were almost 4.4 degrees below normal and nearly 3 degrees below last year. Cooler than normal night temperatures help our soil temperatures stay a little lower than normal which is a good thing for a sod farmer like me.  Root zones stay cooler which allows the plant to continue to grow.  Also, soil on the drier side is better than on the wetter side when it comes to soil temperature.  Water is a great conductor of heat so the more water the soil has, the more heat it may retain. Of course, that can go against us as well, the drier the soil the more we have to water which is a problem within itself.


                 Observed Value     Normal Value  Depart from Normal  Last Yrs Value
Avg High          86.2                      89.1                    -2.9                             86.4
Avg Low           66.6                      71.0                    -4.4                             69.4
Mean                76.4                      80.0                    -3.6                             77.9

RAINFALL      1.59"                     4.11"                 -2.52"                           3.35"

Glen Echo's weather station has only reported 1.14" for the month of July.

9 Days over 90 during July.  Avg for July is 13.9

16th coolest July on record.  Tied with 1915, 1895.

Long Range Update

An update on the long range tee work.  While we had the trencher here, trenched a couple of additional areas that needed work.

We extended the drain line out of #1 bunker down to the fence line.  
We put a smiley face drain above the new asphalt on #4 to reduce the amount of moisture that builds up in that area during wet times of the year.  Should also keep the asphalt in better shape.  

The pop up drain along the start of 12 fairway was a continuous mess.
Underground you go and a larger surface drain basin to catch some runoff water.

Becky planted the  new ornamental screening bed next to 13 blue tee and will be mulching it today.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Video Course Update for the week of 7-28-14

A little video course update for your viewing pleasure this week.  Continue to check blog for regular updates as well as the twitter feed on the right hand side of the page.  Sometimes includes information that is not posted on the blog.