Friday, August 28, 2015

Cart Entrance to 7 Fairway, Bermuda Spray in Rough and , Caution! Construction Trucks On Property

Video below discusses the reasons for the rope across the right path along #7. Path is going to be removed this fall. It will be kept large enough for walkers but that is all.  All carts should use the left path in front of the red tee to enter along the fairway of Hole 7.

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Our Bermuda eradication spray is beginning to show up in some of our rough. See the picture below.

The arrow on the left side is pointing away from the right of 12 green. This area was sprayed with a lighter rate of Pylex onto the collar and the first cut. You can see the darker green color.  The two arrows on the right shows the effects at full rate on the Bermuda after only 2 days. You will see this in a few  areas around greens and in some of our main rough. The left side of #11, around 13, 7, 10, 17 and 18.  Along fairways 1-4, 10, 16-18.

Mark Matteson who works for Clayco has located  some dirt for us to fill in the old tennis court area and for some other uses on the course. There will be some construction trucks delivering soil to the back parking lot and the long range. I expect this will begin next week but have not actually spoken with the hauler. We will also be using our dump truck to move the soil to the tennis courts during this time. I just wanted to warn you regarding these large trucks entering and exiting the property.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Update on Bermuda Eradication Work

We continue to see progress in our Bermuda grass eradication efforts. I realize there are a few patches of red grass out there from the Bermuda going off color. There is a great deal more carnage going on throughout the large areas of mostly solid Zoysia that you cannot see as well. Millions of wannabe big patches are being stopped in their tracks in our effort to get this situation under control. We've sodded 240 yards, over 2000 square feet of fairways space in the last two weeks with new turf where the voids are too large to expect the Zoysia to fill in. The largest patches we currently have are around the 150 yard mark on #10 which we will remove next week and some areas on #16, especially toward the green.

As mentioned in the video below, we are beginning to go after some of our green collar and approach contamination and green/bunker surround areas with a product that is showing great promise at very low rates. More discussion about that early next week and the symptoms of this spray begin to take effect. For our Bermuda puller, this should be good news. We will have to backpack spray a few areas that have Zoysia that butts up against the collar and the Bermuda. The spray material also has negative active on the Zoysia so we do not want to create injury to it. These of course are multiple application sprays that will be repeated about every 3 weeks until dormancy. Coming out of dormancy next spring we will hit them again in an effort to set them back or kill them as we get into spring.

'Lady Open Golf Tournament'

Biggest blowout of the year including our 4 legged friends. 'The Lady Open Golf Tournament' is set for Sunday, September 13th. Go to the website to sign up your family for this fun event!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sod and Bermuda Eradication Work This Week

The staff laid a couple pallets of zoysia this week, a pallet of fescue and sprayed fairways/tees in our Bermuda eradication work. We will try to cut out a couple pallets a week of Zoysia as play and work considerations allows until dormancy in early October. There are a few areas that have large patches of Bermuda that should be replaced. Zoysia will only move about a foot or two a year.  Once the Zoysia covers these areas, we will make additional sprays over top of the Zoysia to discourage the removed areas from filling back in with Bermuda.

I was intending to spray some greens surrounds and bunkers with a new Bermuda Eradication product called Pylex herbicide  but was not able to get that accomplished. Maybe Saturday or early next week. More details on this product next week after I make the applications.
Randy, Rico, Latrell and Tom cutting out the bird bath area about 225 yards on the left from 7 green. Had to remove some extra soil at the end which was helping to hold the water in place.

Finished product. Please drive around and play as Ground Under Repair until we remove the stakes.

Area on the left of #8 fairway which receive much less than ideal sunlight during the day to support Zoysia. Hopefully some selective tree trimming, traffic control measured and compaction reduction will improve this area.

#15 where some large patches of Bermuda have been living. Trying to spray these areas out and replacing with Zoysia.

This is a picture of 18 fairway about 150 yards from the green. You can see the heavier dew formation on the Bermuda grass. Larger patch in the background which could  need to be replaced with sod once the eradication spray takes effect. The foreground area should burn down below the surface of the Zoysia grass and will need to be applied again toward mid-September. Late applications reduces the Bermuda's ability to store energy for winter making it vulnerable to winter kill.  An application or two in spring and early summer followed by 2-3 applications in fall should help us put this weed on its heals. We might never get rid of it but we can put it under serious control in our main playing areas like our fairways. 

Lucas and Hunt Road Tree Mess

We usually maintain the trees that screen the golf course from Lucas & Hunt Road. We do some shearing and pruning from time to time along the roadway so road signs can be seen and the area is dressed up. We keep it mulched and try to keep the weeds down with herbicide sprays from time to time.

Yesterday for some reason, the State Highway Department sent a vertical mower along the roadway and trimmed some of the trees. At first I thought great, one less thing for us to do but then I saw today that no one had picked up the limbs and branches that were strewn between the fence and the street by the mower. I've contacted the highway department about getting this cleaned up. I'm assuming it will take a couple of business days to get this completed. Just wanted to let you know we were aware of this issue.

Bermuda Puller Continues to Damage Collars

New damage on 6 green collar from someone who continues to pull out chunks of Bermuda from collars. I've asked in a recent post for this practice to stop and explained why. It damages turf or grass cover that we have and leaves a bare area and a hole which your fellow members might be forced to play from. I will post this message in the locker room and score posting station today. If you would like to have a conversation with me regarding the Bermuda contamination and why its there, I would be more than happy to do so. Besides our green turf, it is the most problematic plant on our property and it  covers probably every spot on our property except directly under trees in deep shade.

Please quit damaging our playing surfaces no matter if it's a plant that is not supposed to be there or the intended turf.

The remnants on a 9" plate from one small section of 6 front collar.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy Anniversary, 7 Years Who's Counting, Let's Move On To The Eighth!

It been a whirlwind both professionally and personally. A lot of good things have happened over the last seven years. A great deal of sweat equity by our staff and treasure by our membership to help keep this dream alive since 1901.

Thanks for your support and feedback over the last 7 years. I look forward to another great year at Glen Echo CC!