Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Greenhouse Tour/Plant Sale May 10th

A little tour of the greenhouse.  Plant sale is scheduled for May 10th from 9-11 a.m. at the maintenance building which is below the first tee.  Enough room to drive your cars down and park in our lot.  Not sure of all the varieties that will be available but Becky should have a nice group of plants for purchase. Your account may be billed in the normal manner.

Long Range Tee

As you might have noticed, we are not on the grass on the long range.  I've been over seeding with ryegrass the east 1/2 of the tee over the last couple of years to get our weed population under control, namely poa annua and crabgrass.  With the dry fall and very cold winter, the ryegrass is very sparse and the Patriot Bermuda is just starting to peak it's head out.  

In an effort to speed up our growth and get the grass tee open, we are placing a permeable cover over 1/2 the tee.  It will allow moisture and air to pass through but will hold enough heat to get the soil temperatures up and germinate some ryegrass and give the Bermuda a kick.

In the meantime, we hope to open the short range zoysia tee by this coming weekend.
Permeable cover on long range.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day 2014

Today is designated as Earth Day, 2014.  I've never been one to make a big deal of this day because I am involved with Earth Day everyday working on a great course like we have at Glen Echo.  Hopefully, you will take the time over the next few days to come out and experience what we do on a daily basis in support of Earth Day.

Cool season tee core aeration

The staff used our verti-drain aerator to pull cores on our cool season tees today.  The main tees on 2,3,5,10,11,14, and small tee on 17 are cool season.  In a majority of the cases, excessive shade has created the need for these tees to be grassed using a cool season mixture.

The aeration went about 5" deep. The machine has a drag that pulled the cores in a pile where the staff hauled the left over material away.  We are dragging the tees, blowing them off, cutting them and will then put some granular gypsum and fertilizer on the tees.  We will be applying a combination of compost and sand into the holes in the next day or two.

The aeration will help the tees in the following ways:
  • Improved water penetration and will dry excessively wet areas such as #2 which has water running onto it from near the 17th fairway. The aeration holes themselves will capture, hold and slowly drain water into the soil profile making it more readily available for root systems during dry times.
  • Topdressing the tees will help the surface dry quicker and will allow a tee to be placed into the ground more easily.
  • Gas exchange, oxygen in, carbon dioxide out.
  • Improved rooting into and around]the aeration holes.
Below is a video of the aerator in action.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter/Passover

Happy Easter and a few days late for the Passover Celebration.  Course and club has been very busy since Friday.  A sellout of members, guests and families expected at the club today!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Fairway bermuda eradication program

(Editors Note, I apologize about the dark print on the body of the message.  I'm posting from home and having a conflict with my normal browser I use and having to work between two browsers.  I copied and pasted from one to the other and it did not transition properly)

Made a video today to discuss the fairway bermuda eradication program.The zoysia grass is coming out of dormancy and in some cases where I sprayed bermuda grass, the zoysia that was mixed in the area is a little slow in greening.  It is green but just not as green as the non-sprayed areas.  Areas such as #1 from above the fairway on the cart path and #3 from the tee show the outlines of some of the areas where the sprayer was turned on and turned off.  The video was taken from the flat area of #7.
We are using a combination of Fusilade II at 5 oz an acre and Turflon Ester at a rate up to 32 oz per acre which has shown in university trials to increase the efficacy of the products than using Fusilade on its own.   The zoysia is tolerant of these chemicals but can turn slightly off color during the application for the first couple of weeks. I would expect the remaining zoysia areas that are off color to be back to normal in the next couple of weeks.  I apoligize ahead but toward the end of the video I must have been covering the mike so the sound does go down slightly so you might need to make an adjustment in your volume.

Sometimes it does not take a Scientist(Rocket) that is to solve a problem

We spend a great deal of time evaluating problems on the golf course based on scientific information.  Sometimes the answers can be found in your front yard or back yard and only require observation and common sense.  So goes the tree that was removed from the left side of #17 green.  The staff were finally able to remove the trunk of the tree earlier this week.  We could see a large cavity in the tree before the decision was made to remove it but was not sure exactly how deep it was into the tree.  Well, we found out with its removal.  Nearly 40% of the interior of the tree was gone.  The tree had an expansive canopy, one of the largest on property and was only supported by about 60% of its trunk system. 
Paint gun is 3 foot long so the cavity covered almost 9 sq ft.
Take a look under or near any shade tree in your home landscape, especially a tree that creates shade in the early morning.  In most cases a very poor grass growing environment, spindly, thin and many times non-existent turf grass.  As you get out further from the trees center and begin to enter parts of the yard with more sun, the turf increases in thickness and overall quality. The same thing goes with a golf green that is severely shaded, and especially shaded in the morning which was the case with #17. Below are a before and after of the sun field that is now provided for the 17th green.  The grass on this green is most appreciative of our efforts!

8:54 am in August.  Look at the shade on this green.  Deep shade on 17 green.
Taken about the same time today.  Realize there are no leaves on the trees but the sun is actually flatter this time of year and the green is almost in full sun.