Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Final call for firewood delivery this year

This is a final call for firewood deliveries this year.  I will have staff here through December 23rd(except 19th PM Maintenance staff Christmas Party) for any deliveries you might want to your house.  Self service pickup will be available throughout the holiday.  Please alert me through email or a phone call that you picked up a load so I can charge your account accordingly.

We will be back in the shop on January 5th and will continue to make deliveries or provide wood until it is gone.  Unless we have a big run over the next few weeks, we will probably have enough to complete the season.

Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014

St Vincent's Giving Tree deadline extended

Rob has extended the St. Vincent's Giving Tree Program deadline for a few more days.  Come by the member entrance a pick an ornament off the tree and bring back a wrapped gift for a child who needs some cheer this Christmas.

Monday, December 8, 2014

St. Vincent Home Giving Tree coming to an end!

The St. Vincent's Home 'Christmas Giving Tree' is about to end. You have until Friday, December 12th to pick an ornament from the tree and bring back the gift wrapped and ready for a child who could use our support.  We still have a number of tags still left on the tree.  I had procrastinated in picking off my ornament but picked my gift ornament off of the tree today.  The tree is located in the member entrance foyer.

Come by in the next couple of days and help us clean this tree off!  

Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day

USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

73 years ago today, our nation was shocked into entering World War II from the attack on Pearl Harbor.  We should never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice that day and during the war. Many left as 17-18 year old boys and came home as changed men forever.  

Our country alone lost 413,000 soldiers and civilians.  The state of California has over 38 million people.  Total deaths throughout the world from the war estimated at almost double this number including soldiers and civilians. Wrapping my head around this type of death toll is impossible.  Take a moment today to reflect on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to save our country and the world from tyranny!  

Friday, December 5, 2014

Wood Delivery Schedule over the Holiday

Just a reminder that wood deliveries will not be available between 12/22-1/4.  A majority of the staff take vacation during the holiday period.  You can do self service pick up during this time without any issue.  Just a reminder to drop me either an email, text or call so I can charge your account.  We still do have a good supply of wood available.
If you intend to pickup wood using self-service, please take the wood that is neatly stacked against fence which is seasoned from last winter.  The wood to the right was just recently split and will be stacked for next season once the older wood has been used.

Weather Stats for November, Not Good!

The following are the weather statistics for November.  Not a good month for golf.

Record high of 72 on 11/30.
Record low of 14 on 11/18.
Record snowfall for the date on 11/15 0.7" and 11/16 of 1.7".

                       Observed Value    Normal Value   Depart from Normal    Last Year
High                         50.0                      55.5                        -5.5                         53.6
Low                          31.3                      38.1                        -6.8                         34.1
Avg                          40.7                      46.8                        -6.1                         43.8

                          2.46"                     3.91"                       -1.45"                       1.02"
                          3.8"                         .7"                           3.1"                        Trace   

Stats for the Summer Climatology Calendar

The summer calendar(June, July, Aug) averaged 78.3.  It was the 46th warmest on record.  It was warmer than the following years:  2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2013.
There were 36 days over 90 this season.  Avg is 39.
June was 28th warmest month at 78.1
July was 128th warmest month at 76.4
August was the 23rd warmest month at 80.3
(Editors note, I will take those statistics every year if possible!)

Stats for Fall Climatology Calendar

Since 2000, only 2006 has been a cooler fall period(Sept, Oct, Nov).
The fall calendar averaged 56.7.  112th warmest and 33rd coolest on record.
September was 70th warmest month at 70.0
October was 56th warmest month at 59.5
November was 132nd warmest month at 40.7